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A husband arranges for his wife to be fucked by a security guard from her work, he even gets to watch the video :) #1589

** From the desk of Kelli Kanyon as she sees it!


My wife Linda and I live in the sharing my wife lifestyle. I enjoy sharing her with other men. Sometimes I watch. Other times I just help her get ready for her fuck and clean her up afterwards. Its very seldom when I join her. I have a particular feature: I love eating creampies of her lovers cum left inside of her well fucked pussy. I cant wait for her to come home freshly fucked and before she takes a shower, I suck all of her lovers cum out. The cum mixed with her own juices tastes so great! And let me assure you that all cum sorts taste different. Some are sweet, other: salty. Her pussy smells different too, it depends on what cock has just came inside her. In most cases, cum, left deep inside her pussy, ooze out very slowly, taste salty and still warm. The smell of her heavy dripping cunt drives me mad. Its a natural perfume, and this scent is a genuine aroma. The best loads are those, which left deep in her vagina, and ooze out of inner depths of my wifes cunt. These cum shots are clammy and very vicious. Usually, these types of loads are left where my tongue would never reach. Loads that are dropped at the entrance of her cunt have specific taste. They are always cold and also thick, and have a fishy smell. This is the reason why I prefer her to get fucked by men with longer cocks that cum deep in her pussy.

My wife has never been with big guys. I knew she admired well hung muscular guys. When I watch sport TV she is always commenting on the guys and what theyd be like in bed. She always likes to see big men pumping iron without their tops on. I even found a magazine she masturbates on, it contained lots of hard well muscular guys showing off. So I wasnt surprised when she once came home and said she had a wet cunt on a guy who worked as a security in their office. I realized that it might be a good chance, so I asked her if she wanted to ask him for a night, but she said that they worked in the same company and in the same building, so she wouldnt dare. If he was a complete stranger that would be another story. Being a dirty and a staunch whore, she anyway didnt want to stain her good name in the company.

So I went to where my darling worked and stopped as if waiting for someone. I saw this guy, and though he was clothed in uniform, he still looked very big. I could see his massive muscles playing under his shirt. This was a broad shouldered very strong guy. When he came out to the street, I called him out.

Look, brother, my wife works in this company, she thinks youre hot and wants to meet you! How about coming out for drinks with us after you are free? I asked.

At first he thought it was a joke but then I drew up a picture of my wife. This description made him think seriously for a minute. I showed him a picture of my wife nude on our bed. That was one of the pictures we contained in our family private archive, and there were lots of them. Here she was lying on the bed with her legs widespread. He exclaimed:

Is this your wife? I know her, she works in a sales department, if Im not wrong! Yeahh, sure, she is hot and I want to meet her!

All right, done! then I gave him an address and described the direction. Then I went inside and met my wife. I told her that the security officer recognized her and wanted to meet her. She was so excited she took and hour off and went to buy a new dress. It was a black and low neck cut. It was sexy. Her legs looked great in this dress and I noticed the sales girl looking jealously at how it covered her perfect ass.

We met that night and talked over drinks. The security officer and my wife looked at each other through the whole evening, unable to tear their eyes from one another, as if going to fuck right now. When Linda went to the bathroom I told Brawn the whole deal, that we were swingers and that I loved sharing her with other people, and also that Linda had been looking for a big boyfriend. So I told him that she was all for his service and if he wanted they could make it out right now. I also told him that if my wife enjoyed the show, they might repeat it for numerous times. Braun seemed eager for it but he was not too happy with me being there while they do it. Well, I didnt mind to leave coz I was not gonna join them at all. But what he said next was a total surprise for me. He said that he would tape each fuck on the camera and give it to Linda to give it to me. I was astonished. All I really wanted was to suck Lindas pussy after fuck, watching a video record of this big guy fucking my wife was something completely unexpected. It was definitely turning me on, and I couldnt pass it.

Linda was excited. She loved the idea of the fuck being taped. She wouldnt only give me a fresh cream pie, but she would also give me a video of her being fucked so that I could jerk whenever I wanted. The first show delayed on one of coming days. Linda and Braun had been chatting on the phone spending SMS to each other, and things were getting pretty hot. I saw one message and it went like this: I want to fuck you! I cant wait for that, girl! You give me that fat cock? Sure, girl!

Finally, the day came. When she finally went to meet him she was very anxious. I thought shed be back in a few hours as they both had to work the next day but she didnt come back for 7 hours! I kept calling her phone but there was no answer. Finally she answered and told me she was still with Braun and she was going straight to work and not coming home. I asked her how it went and she told me there would be a video on my computer at home. All this time I was dying with anticipation. Linda was still away, but she had left a video on my hard. I sat at my computer and clicked open. My palms were sweating and my cock was hard just thinking about what I was going to see. I must admit I was regret not to having any cream pie that night, but I had a video and I was gonna enjoy the show!

It started as expected. Linda and Braun were kissing in front of the bed. They quickly removed each other cloths and left naked. Yes, this guy had got the body! I wished I had the same! He was not just muscular, he was athletic! He looked like an ancient God Apollo! They kissed French way. I could see their tongues exploring each others mouths. Groan and breathe. They kissed for a long until he put her on her back and she spread her legs wide open for him. He stuck his fingers into her pussy and gave her some finger fuck. His finger slid in there easily. She moaned. He withdrew his finger: it was all glistening. He said that her pussy was ready for fuck and stuck it in her mouth. She sucked her juices off. He finger fucked her for a while after that for awhile, she squirmed and squealed on his hand. Her legs were open wide and he stuck 4 fingers in her throbbing cunt, teasing her erect clit with another hand. Then he sucked her right nipple and vigorously rubbed her throbbing clit. She started to moan loud and stiffen. In a second she ejaculated a long stream of fluid all over Brauns hands. Braun loved it and sucked her pussy. He started eating her dripping wet cunt but she stopped him and said she wanted his cock badly.

Braun lifted her upper on the bed and dropped her. She smiled and laughed. He got on top of her so that his cock was in front of her face. His cock was hard as stone, and much bigger than mine. I watched my wife suck Brauns shaft. It was the first biggest cock she had in her mouth.

This guy gagged her with that big monster and slapped her face with it. She laughed and he slapped his cock over her face 2 or 3 times. She took it deep in her throat and it closed her eyes. He was fucking her mouth like crazy and I could tear burst up in her eyes. He was commanding her all the time, suck on his cock badly, jerk his cock, lick his balls.

He commanded her and she obeyed like a good slut. When he asked her if she was his dirty slut, she said she was and he gagged her shoving his whole cock into her mouth. I was dying from passion now and wanted him to fuck him, but Braun had another plans. He pulled her hair and made her get on her knees in front of the camera. He ordered her to get down on her knees and suck him off.

I had never before seen my wife so submissive. I think she knew that she had no control of things, so the only way to get out of it was to give him everything he wanted. She sucked his cock for nearly 20 minutes on her knees. By the end she was begging for him to put his big fat cock in her pussy. He pulled her up and bent her over an armchair. She was half turned to the camera, but her ass was visible. Braun pulled her hips to him and buried that cock deep into her. She cried for him to be careful, but this guy didnt give a fuck! He slid that big fat cock in and out of her like a mad rabbit. He was now a beast, wild animal who wanted to satisfy his carnal desires!

The sound of his hips slapping against her ass resounded very loudly, he fucked her over and over until he stopped exhausted. I could hear my wife weeping and sobbing with ecstasy. She was gasping and shivering. I had never seen my wife like that. I think she didnt expect herself; it would be such a horny night! Then he changed that position and threw her onto the bed like a litter. He put her legs up on his shoulders and started fucking her cunt till she started pleading for mercy. He moved vehemently between her legs and his pace was so fast that it made her squirt all over the bed! After she came, he turned her around, put 2 pillows under her belly with her ass to his cock and started fucking Linda in the ass for what seemed like half an hour. Actually, my slut wife loves anal, but this time that was something incredible! I could see his cock making her asshole gape like a tunnel! Then he made her stand on all her fours with her ass to the cam and fucked her doggy style in the ass until she was done. Her face was flushed and her eyes looked wild. I was sitting over there and jerked off slowly. My only regret about this video was that he creamed her pussy and asshole numerous times and I never got to taste any of his cum! By the time she got home she had already showered and there were only traces of cum in her pussy.*** This was from Kelli Kanyon or one of her anal slaves.


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